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RE: Lamella Structures

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Thanks for the tip.   I’ll keep it in mind if my other searches come up dry.  So far, from responses here, I went off and found a 4th edition, (early 1950s edition) of “Modern Timber Engineering” by Scofield et al, for about $8.50 including shipping from   Gawd, I love the internet.


From: Conrad Harrison [mailto:sch.tectonic(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: RE: Lamella Structures




The book architectural engineering: structural systems. By Butler Brown I think. Has some information on timber hyperbolic roof structures and other shells, simple formula for estimating purposes. The hyperbolic curves can be produced from straight planks: they are laid in alternate directions to create the lamina.


Conrad Harrison

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From: Donald Bruckman [mailto:bruckmandesign(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Lamella Structures


I came upon a lamella roof structure recently out of short lengths of 2x4 and diagonal sheathing, (circa 1940s, I’d guess) and it looked like it would be, on a small (residential) scale at least, relatively easy to put together, create large open spans without large beam sizes, and had an altogether cool look, but I immediately thought, “Lord, how would one calc such a thing to prove to the AHJ that it works?”  I checked the NET and could find a few projects with it, but no references about how to design them and a few sites that seemed to imply that small errors in assembly could create stability issues.  


Undeterred, I reason, “Heck, if 3 fingered carpenters in the field were throwing them up 70 years ago and they are still standing, how difficult to do and how unstable could they be?” 


Does anyone know of any books or literature titles that describes the engineering process(es) involved in designing stick framed lamella roof structures?  Seems like a lost art form…