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RE: AISI versus SSMA

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Title: AISI versus SSMA
As I understand it:
AISI is for light gage like what AISC is for structural steel, they provide the basis and design equations for light gage (Cold Formed) steel, and promote the use of the product.
SSMA is the steel stud manufacturers standard where all SSMA members produce studs to a recognized dimensional tolerance so the designer knows what section properties they are getting, and does not have to specify a specific producer like we did in the past.  You can specify a 600T125-33 and know you are getting a standard 20 gage 6" track with 1.25 inch flanges regardless of who makes it.
Therefore the load tables in a SSMA catalog would meet AISI requirements, and for a true self engineered solution you would work with the AISI specifications.
Knock outs and slots should be accounted for in the SSMA tables and spec.
I can not answer the software question.
Paul Feather PE, SE

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Subject: AISI versus SSMA

What is the difference between AISI studs and the SSMA studs?

How do the slots affect the final design? Do any of the design software packages account for these?

Mitch Sklar, PE, SECB, MBA