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Re: 3x3 washers for sill plate anchors

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USP Structural Connectors has these available as a standard catalog product throughout California and the rest of the US.  They are available with a standard hole and a slotted hole.  Catalog numbers are as follows:
HBPS34 (3x3x1/4 w/ slotted hole)
BP343 (3x3x1/4 w/ std hole)

Howard Silverman, PE
Anhoring and Systems Research Engineer
USP Structural Connectors

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Subject: Simpson 3x3 washers for sill plate anchors

2305.3.11 of the 2007 CBC requires 3x3x.229" thick washers. Oddly Simpson does not make this for a 3/4" anchor bolt. They do make a 2.75x2.75x5/16" for 3/4 anchors, but this does not meet the code requirements. They do make a 3"x3"x1/4 for 1/2" and 5/8" dia anchors. So if we want to use 3/4" anchor bolts the washers need to be fabricated unless someone else makes these.