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Site Built Spiral Stair Case

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An Architect wants to use a method I've never seen before to construct site
built spiral stair cases. We do a lot of tight radius spiral staircases here
in southern California residences. Typically, the outer and inner supports
of the treads are continuously supported by tightly spaced studs. The idea
now is to line the inside face of the spiral with multiple layers of
plywood, glued and screwed in place and then, after the glue has had time to
cure, the plywood and interior support studs are to be cut parallel to the
tread nose line at some depth creating a spiraling plywood beam. I have no
clue as to how to calc this out, but the architect has seen several
constructed and swears they are quite solid. How might one spec a load test
for such a thing and does this test indemnify the EOR? What other concerns
if any would you have?

Thanks in advance,


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