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Rock Veneer Support on timber

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No other restrictions of which I am aware. However, there's some
additional information on deflection criteria for stud walls backing
veneers in a recent Structure Magazine article by the list's own Harold

btw, this article resulted from a discussion on this listserver that
Harold so eloquently answered that we turned it into an article.



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From: "Joseph R. Grill" <jrgrill(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Rock Veneer Support on timber

I have a situation where I have an exterior stud wall that is covered
with rock veneer. The wall has a low parapet, just a couple of feet
above the roof, where the veneer will also be located on the interior
face of the parapet. I can't find anything in the IBC that would tell me
I can't support the small height of rock veneer, on the interior of the
parapet, by a ledger of some sort, which will be attached to the stud
wall. 2304.12 tells me that I have to check the wood members for long
term deflection. Is there any restrictions that I haven't found?
Joe Grill

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