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Galvanized bolts req'd in PT wood?

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2007 CBC/2006 IBC Section 2304.9.5 states that “fasteners” for PT & fire-retardant wood shall be galvanized, stainless, silicon bronze, or copper.  2001 CBC/2000 UBC Section 2304.3 also stipulated this requirement.  On a wood-frame job currently in construction, we have pressure-treated sill plates and the inspector is saying that galvanized anchor bolts (sill bolts and hold-down bolts) are a “code requirement”.


I understand the new preservatives can be much more corrosive than the old stuff, but was of the impression that bolts are of a large-enough diameter to not pose a concern.  I had thought I read that somewhere but I cannot find any published code language, commentary, or interpretations to support this position.  Also, I started thinking, what about the washer?  Is that a “fastener”?  It’s in contact with the PT wood - does that mean it needs to be galvanized too?  I could not find a definition of “fastener” in the CBC/IBC.


I’ve been away from wood design for awhile and am feeling a little rusty, so I’m hoping someone can give me some guidance on this. 


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