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Pilaster retrofit

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I have a project where the incorrect anchor rods where used at all the braced bays. Instead of 1" diameter F1554-36, they used 3/4" A36 (?) headed studs. I have no idea how this happened. The owner has asked whether some sort of steel saddle can be fitted over the top of the pilaster. There would be thru bolts from one side of the saddle to the other side through the pilaster (16"). The side straps would be welded to a plate on top that the column baseplate would be welded to. We typically show 1 1/2" non shink grout between the baseplate and the top of the pilaster, so the top of the saddle will not affect any elevations.

My question is, how do I look at the thru bolts and the forces on them at the rod/concrete interface? I can calculate the minimum number of bolts using the allowable load on a bolt in single shear. How do I look at the bearing pressure between the threaded rod and the concrete and its distribution from the side of the pilaster. The bearing pressure will be greatest at the straps and decrease towards the middle of the pilaster.

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