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RE: Pressure Treted Decking

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I’ve got NDS ’97, so my information is a little dated.  2.3.5 says that the “tabulated design values apply to wood products pressure treated…”  There is also an Incising Factor for structural sawn lumber being incised to increase the penetration of preservatives (2.3.11).  The reduction for Fb is 0.85 and E is 0.95.  To be conservative, you could include this in your calculations.


Does this help???



David Maynard

Gillette, WY

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Subject: Pressure Treted Decking


I am working on a job where exposed, (to the elements), 2x6 flat spaced sheathing is to be used for a public balcony. I know there are adjustment factors for wet service and flat use, but is there a reduction due to the pressure treatment? Section 4.3.13 of the NDS talks about pressure treatment, but doesn't give any reduction factors. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance,
Larry Hauer S.E.

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