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Re: Pressure Treated Decking

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The 2005 NDS (4.3.8) has the following for the incising factors:
E, Emin   0.95
Fb, Ft, Fc, Fv  0.80
Fct  1.00

These values apply when the piece is incised top a maximum depth of 0.4", a maximum length of 3/8" and a density of incisions up to 1100 /ft^2.

I think you could also apply the repetitive factor that would offset the incising factors some.

Larry Hauer wrote:
I am working on a job where exposed, (to the elements), 2x6 flat spaced sheathing is to be used for a public balcony. I know there are adjustment factors for wet service and flat use, but is there a reduction due to the pressure treatment? Section 4.3.13 of the NDS talks about pressure treatment, but doesn't give any reduction factors. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance, Larry Hauer S.E.

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