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designing steel joists

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A good steel fab client of ours is asking us to design a 12K1 floor joist for them. They have a client that has to have joists ASAP so a regular joist mfr cannot get it done in time. We have the CDs and loading info on the drawings, and I know how to design a joist or truss but never have done an actual steel joist for obvious reasons. Is there anything other than normal structural engineering and steel design principles that I need to know about? Are there SJI provisions we must follow other than bracing/bridging,  or can we just design a joist that exceeds the LL and TL capacity of a 12K1 for that span out of Vulcraft’s book? We have 2-D software capable of quickly modeling it.


Any other client I would probably say sorry, but we don’t necessarily want them looking around for other engineers and we are actually a little slow now so why not….


Please CC me directly if you would…



Andrew Kester, PE

ADK Structural Engineering

Orlando, FL