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re: wood balcony

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Wood decks in my experience are usually designed for serviceability rather than strength, so I would not push the bending stress limits, rather keep your deflection WAY low. Nobody wants a bouncy deck. I used PT 2x6 S Pine for my front walkway and deck, and have simple spans of around 20". I am a bigger guy and even if I jump on one board in the very center I barely feel a thing as far as deflection goes. I would specify deck screws rather than nails. Also make sure your architect has a really good drainage and waterproofing system underneath and try to sneak a note on your drawings about how you are not designing that portion of the system and are not liable. Your deck will be fine but if it leaks your phone will ring. I have done a lot of forensics on million dollar houses with beautiful but leaky balconies and decks....
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