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re: PT wood

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I agree with GM, we specify PT for all wood in contact with CMU or concrete for the same reason he said. Moisture has many ways into a building other than around the foundation, the roof being the biggest culprit I see doing forensics, but also poor flashing around ledgers in brick or stucco, cracks in stucco, poor stucco, poor flashing around siding, etc. Because in Florida moisture often migrates through CMU walls and then hits the cool side of the block (air conditioned space), which is the inside face of the wall, it is required to use PT 1x furring strips for attaching gyp board also…


Also, I just looked it up, and in Florida the FBC requires it. But this may be due to our climate. Once again, like Scott said a while back, codes are minimums, and we all should use our local knowledge and professional judgment and exceed Code when it is necessary in our judgment. Maybe out in CA and the SW it is so dry this is a non-issue.


2304.11.2.2 Framing.

Wood framing members, including wood sheathing, which rest on exterior foundation walls and are less than 8 inches (203 mm) from exposed earth shall be of naturally durable or preservative-treated wood. Wood framing members and furring strips attached directly to masonry or concrete walls shall be of approved naturally durable or preservative-treated wood.



Andrew Kester, PE

ADK Structural Engineering

Orlando, FL