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RE: Excel and Printing /Pagination

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Surprise! It appears to be true so far. We modified everything we could in
Excel. Checked all fonts, even checked the dates of fonts across three
machines. Did a print preview of a blank sheet on each machine, checked
columns and rows Excel selected, checked column width and row height: there
were differences. 

The only thing which could identify as different between machines was screen
resolution. From earlier attempts at programming reports in windows using
Delphi I was aware in effect just writing to a window then printing the
bitmap, though with some refinement. It all seemed like a lot of hard work
for low quality output, so gave up, and moved to using Excel/VBA.

Further when we moved to Excel 97. It was because I was using Borland QPro
and my father Correl QPro. The Correl version was full of bugs, and also we
wanted to generate in cell functions. So we agreed to move over to Excel.
But we still had a problem sharing spreadsheets and printing out. But lived
with it. Then with new computers also had different versions of office, XP,
2003. So we recently upgraded the XP to 2003, hoping that would fix the
problem. (To go to 2007 would require 3 licenses)

For nearly 10 years, been arguing has to be the screen resolution, but
cannot see why it would, and when checked it hasn't made any difference.
Just accept there is too much difference between our hardware, and live with
the problem.

But yesterday checked the screen resolution across 3 computers. Made them
all the same resolution and didn't make any difference. Also to add to the
frustration, I created most of the workbooks on the computer my nephew was
using and now they don't print correctly there either. But then he mentions
he put a custom DPI setting in to get some software to display. Check my
fathers computer and likewise he also has a custom DPI setting.

Change all the machines to DPI setting: Normal size (96 DPI). Then repeat
the print preview on a blank sheet, all get same row heights and column
widths. Check print preview for the formatted spreadsheets and now paginated
the same on all computers. Then vary the screen resolutions and keep the DPI
setting the same, and still ok.

Makes no difference to my settings but everyone else, now has a problem
reading menus and icons.

I guess my solution to the pagination could turn out to just be a
coincidence. But it is the closest I have ever got to finding a solution.

Plus I like the solution because it proves I was right all along: it was my
dad fiddling with the settings on his computer, not my programming
inadvertently modifying settings on my computer.

Now why I never checked DPI settings before. I don't know.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia 

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