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Re: Excel and Printing /Pagination

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On Sep 17, 2008, at 11:29 PM, Erickson, Aaron A. wrote:

Surprise! It appears to be true so far. We modified everything we could in Excel.
Sounds like there may also be some differences in the fonts you're using. Same basic font, but differences between version. I've noted some pagination differences in MS Word between machines (all Macs) but nothing objectionable. And I've noted some differences in the display between the machines as well. I never quite doped it out but Mac printing takes all its formatting instructions from the screen display in order to change it to Postscript (a vector graphics language--it doesn't just print screen bitmaps) for printing.

Even though the display is different between my older laptop and my tower the font size stays the same so long as the specified size in points is the same. I've heard that graphic designers sometimes have issues when they use TrueType fonts, although I don't know any details except that it occurs with fancy page layouts. I don't use job shop printing so it doesn't matter to me. One thing you might consider is to go to a Postscript printer and use Postscript fonts if you haven't already.

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