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New Seminar

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The Practicing Structural Engineers of California are pleased to announce the following Seminar:  Working with "Practicing Structural Engineers in the Real World".


Who is this seminar for:

            Building Code officials.

            Writers of Building Codes including all code bodies.

            Vendors of structural analysis products.


During this seminar, you will learn first-hand what it takes to apply various code provisions to real work situations by real engineers.  Learn about engineer's deadlines and how to produce codes and code-related products that support these deadlines, and how to actually prepare a successful code or product that does not inhibit meeting these deadlines.  You will get hands on experience working with our seminar presenters, all of whom are actual practicing Engineers that make their living by providing engineering services in a timely and efficient manner.


After attending this seminar, you will be able to:

            Write a Building Code that is actually useful to the engineering community.

            Write documents that do not require immediate and on-going errata.

            Write code that is not ambiguous and confounding to those expected to use it.

            Provide structural analysis products that do not require six months of training to learn that they are essentially useless for practical applications.

            Learn how to provide an actual written technical manual for your structural analysis products.

            Learn how to hire speakers to man your telephone help lines that actually speak the same language as the users of your product.


We are pleased to offer this Seminar for Three thousand eighty six dollars and forty seven cents.  You will find that this is a bargain considering that seminar attendees will also be given copies of real life calculations prepared by practicing engineers that will introduce you to what it takes to survive in the real work-a-day world of practicing engineers.  In addition, you will be given copies of the work-calendars of real engineers showing the complexity faced daily by these engineers.  Learn why so many of these practicing engineers must avoid products which are a drag to production, and why many of the building codes are incorrectly interpreted due to their complexity and ambiguity.

And, as an added bonus, seminar attendees will qualify for weekly and monthly seminar updates (errata) for the upcoming year (sorry, after that time, we must charge a nominal fee of four hundred thirteen dollars for each update (errata).


Act now!  This seminar will fill up quickly due to the tremendous need for competency in supplying codes and products that actually work and that actually support those for whom they are intended.




































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