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Panel zone Deformations

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I have been doing a bit of study trying to get back into some seismic design after practicing in a location and projects that don’t get into seismic design very deep.  Basically residential work in low SD Categories.


Section 12.7.3(b) in ASCE 7-05 requires panel zone deformations to be included in drift calculations.  I’ve searched through all the resources that I have, and I can’t find an example or even an explanation as to how this is taken into account.  I’m interested in a “long hand” explanation, but also, how is this included in drift results in software such as Risa2d or Risa3d?


If my memory is correct, and it may not be, many years ago I heard that a percentage increase of the calculated drift without the deformations could be used.  It seems I also recall that if your model is such that member lengths are taken to center line of the member intersections rather that at, say, the face of columns, that you are in effect taking the panel zone deformations into account.


If anyone out there on the list can help me out here, I would appreciate it.



Joe Grill