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RE: wood ledger to concrete

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To the Australian code (AS1720) for perpendicular to the grain and parallel to the grain, Hankinson’s formula is not required: if used it simply reproduces the tabulated values. Its use is to adjust the tabulated values for angles other than 90 and 0 degrees.


For the ledger I believe the bolt forces are perpendicular to the grain. But our loading code (AS1170.0) has minimum lateral resistance requirements for connections, if not otherwise controlled by wind load or earthquake loading. There is thus also a force parallel to the grain, to be considered.



Conrad Harrison

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South Australia

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Subject: wood ledger to concrete



I am designing an wood deck ledger with siginficant snow loading.  In the old days I would have used Enercalc 5.8 and accept the black box answer it gave me.  but now in this enlightend age - I question everything.  the ledger design is a beam spanning between the bolts - calc the beam, look at the NDS for th bolt values - got it so far- Looking at Enercal 5.8 ledger design it uses the Hankison formula and checks diagonal force and resulting diagonal wood stress.

I haven't found a similar problem using the hankison formula in this way. 


what is the correct way to calculate a wood ledger attached to concrete?


I am in digest mode but will check the site index often


Tim Rudolph

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