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Torsional moment transferred to the slab from the torsional beam

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I read an interesting paper, which says:
"a portion of the unbalanced moment is transferred to the column by a vertical balancing couple
in the form of vertical shear acting at the face of the column, while another portion is transferred
by a horizontal force couple (flexure) occurring within the slab depth.
ACI318, Chapter 11, indicates that approximately 60% of the unbalanced moment is transferred
by flexure, with balance transferred by shear..."
[page 10.21, Chapter 10, Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook, 2nd Ed. Edited by Dr. Nawy.]
I am more interested in shear-moment transfer mechanism between slab and torsional beam.
If slab is cast monolithically to edge beam, bending moment applied on slab will cause torsion on edge beam.
In this case, doesn't slab contribute torsional resistance of edge beam at all?
What about interior beam with unbalanced moment?
If anybody knows a paper or book regarding this topic, please let me know.

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