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RE: Question on "independent structurally" w.r.t. foundations

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You say "We need to design a new addition to an existing building that must be 'structural independent' from the existing building".  Were does this requirement come from?  Project/owner requirements?  A code provision?  A suggestion from someone?
I ask because if it is a project/owner requirement, then I would ask them how they define "structurally independent".  If it is a code requirement, then you would need to look to see if the code defines it and if not, then use your best interpretation.
Personally, I would define it as a seperate foundation system that does not adversely effect the performance of the existing foundation system (i.e. does not impose new load on the existing foundation and does not impose additional loading issues to the soil that supports existing foundation such that additional settlement or overbearing pressures occur).
Adrian, MI
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Subject: Question on "independent structurally" w.r.t. foundations

I am seeking a publishd definition in a code, specification, or possibly in design guidelines that defines "structural independent" with respect to foundations.
We need to design a new addition to an existing building that must be "structurally independent" from the existing building.

We know what to do above the foundation. 

What about the foundation?  Must the foundations be physically separate with non-overlapping pressure bulbs?  Or, can the new foundation (say, footings) have rebar doweled into then grouted, and cast against the existing foundation (again, say, footings) *if* the geotechnical engineer doesn't think that differential settlement will be a problem?

Thank you!