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RE: Tilt-up Pancake

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     You can stack form panels. I have never seen it done more than 3 high though. There are several issues with stacking panels. One is panel bracing. If you are bracing to the floor where you are forming your panels, you have to be careful not to have your stack where your braces need to go. Coordination of forming and bracing is usually always necessary, but a stack increases the probability of a panel being in the way of a brace. Another problem is finding panels that are enough alike to stack easily. Having panels with openings on the bottom of the stack can cause finishing problems if the panels above don't have the same openings. You can fill the openings with stone, but then the finish isn't as smooth in that area. A similar problem can occur with panel embeds that are not perfectly flush with the face of concrete. Textured paint can hide some of these blemishes.

Wesley C. Werner


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Subject: Tilt-up Pancake

In sites where there are space constraints and tilt up construction is desired, is it possible to “Pancake” the panels?


That is form and pour a first panel (layer), then wait sometime and pour and another panel (layer) on top it and so on (up to say 4 or 5 layers).


If you have experience or thoughts on such a process, please share it with us.