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Re: Damping percentage

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On Sep 30, 2008, at 5:40 PM, Daryl Richardson wrote:

The stacks that I have designed are smaller in diameter, and taller. For the most part they are designed to resist wind loading and are intended to remain in the elastic range. They also have less attachments. I usually use 0.5% to 1.0 % for welded steel stacks and up to 1.5% for reinforced concrete stacks.

The USNRC mandates the following unless other values can be justified.

  >12" OD	2%	3%
  <12" OD	1%	2%
  Welded	2%	4%
  Bolted	4%	7%
  Prestress	2%	5%
  Reinf	4%	7%

OBE means operating basis earthquake with stresses generally below yield. SSE means safe shutdown earthquake with stresses exceeding yield but not so the equipment is inoperable. I've done some measurements of small items in a sine sweep test and gotten numbers between 0.7% and 2%, but the items weren't highly stressed.

So yer pays yer money and yer takes yer choice.

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