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RE: Advertizing one's absence

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If you have the right kind of cell phone service, it will bill these autoresponders.  But the cell phone company gets the money.  I'm trying to make a deal with my cell phone company (Virgin Mobile) to credit my cell when they get these messages but I haven't had any luck.


Bob Garner


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It's an autoresponder. It replies to every email which comes in, just like changing your voicemail when you're out. As for informing people, it depends on who you interact with and whether you regularly receive valuable unsolicited mail.  I stopped using them as the backlash in spam was amazing (the autoreply effectively verified to the spammers that my address was a valid one)


G Vishwanath wrote:



I will be out of the office starting  09/29/2008 and will not return until




I am reading several messages like this of late on this list and a some others too.


Burglars may be tempted to join the list.

Where else can they get such useful information?


Has any one thought of the risks of advertizing one's absence on a public forum like this?

Isn't it simpler to write to a select few who matter and inform them?


Or am I missing something?


Just musing.








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