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Welds for a 4 plates column (Flexure section )

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I have been required to review welds for a four plate columns designed by other engineer.
Using the formula:      Shear Flow = (Vu) (Ay ) / Ix
Considering Vu as  OVn  =   Vu = (.9) (.6) (Fy) (Aw) (Cv) . Only that column web in this case (four plate column) has two webs compared with a W section , Shear Flow requires 8/16" , by past experiences for this type of Industrial Bulidings, welds requirements have been minimum continuous fillet welds 1/4"
Is there any spec ANSI-AISC 350 in order to design minimum shear capacity in a flexure element ?
Angel Gomez
Aries Ingenieros Estructurales SC