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RE: Steel Deck Cantilevers

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Can anyone shed some light on the following note in SDI roof deck
specs: "No permanent suspended loads are to be supported by the steel
deck"? This note is in reference to a table showing the maximum
recommended cantilevers for various types of deck. (See page 27 of this deck catalog.) A section
of the specs gives the loads that the cantilever is supposed to be able
to support. Why shouldn't deck cantilevers support permanent loads?
Should deck cantilevers only support light loads? What would be an
acceptable load on a cantilever?

I am looking at a case where 3" deck is cantilevering 3'-0". This is
several inches shy of the recommended maximum cantilever length. The
dead load the deck would support would be about 10 psf, with snow load
under 35 psf.

Wesley C. Werner


The note is referring only to suspended loads. In other words you should not hangs ceilings, ducts, pipes, or lights directly from the roof deck.


Adam Vakiener, P.E.
Structural Engineer
Southern A&E, LLC

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