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Re: Hollow Core Design

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Probably differs regionally.  I've always used "typical" details, taken from mf'rs on the drawings.  I nclude loads on the drawing.  In the specs (or gen. notes) require that the mf'r include designs stamped by a PE.

>>> "William Haynes" <gtg740p(--nospam--at)> 10/6/2008 7:50 PM >>>
What is the standard practice for designing hollow core connections?
Is it similar as in double tee systems where the precaster takes loads
given by the EOR and designs the connections himself?

For example, if I have cmu wall line loads on a hollow core slab, is
the EOR or HC manufacturer responsible for designing the connections
between adjacent HC slabs to distribute the line loads?  For diaphragm
forces, is it standard practice for the EOR to state the diaphragm
loads and the HC manufacturer to design the connections between the
planks for these loads? I figure I would have to design the
connections between the HC and other materials (example cmu shear
walls), but I am not sure for the case between adjacent HC slabs.

Will Haynes

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