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Re: Old Gypsum Bulb Tee Roof System

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I thought that is what it was.  When I did a google search for tectum deck
I got the modern tectum deck information.  I'm hoping I find someone who
may have actually designed or detailed this and can explain the system

It looks to me like the bulb tees are placed and some type of board is laid
down.  The wire mesh is placed and the gypsum is poured.

Is any of this product hazardous?  Was asbestos used in the fiber board to
form it?

Thanks again.


On Tue, 07 Oct 2008 12:13:51 -0700, "Jerry Coombs" <JCoombs(--nospam--at)>
> Is this what we referred to as Tectum (which is a proprietary name) roof
> system?  Google "tectum deck" and see if that's what you need.
> j
>>>> "Rich Lewis" <seaint04(--nospam--at)> 10/7/2008 12:31 PM
> I’m looking for documents on the old gypsum bulb tee roof construction.
>  I have a building the was built in 30’s or 40’s.  I would like to
> learn
> more about this system.  Is it a precast panel system or was it poured
> in place?  I tried a search of the SEAInt archives, but for some reason
> it searches the entire web and not just the archives.
> It has joists at 8 ft on center and bulb tees at 30-32” on center.  I
> want to find out the load capacity of the roof deck and weights.  
> I don’t have a thickness of the roof.  Did they make it in different
> thicknesses?
> Thanks for your help.
> Rich

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