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RE: 12" frame walls

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With SIPs, also be aware that some building officials are leery, and rightfully so, now that it’s reaching the point where imitators are moving into the field.


Most of the early companies are responsible, have engineers on staff, and have ICC approvals.  But even some of them ship into regions whose code requirements they don’t understand.  I recently had a company from the flatlands send shop drawings to me for a job in seismic zone D where the lumber edge splines meant to fasten panels together had been replaced by a glue system with rigid foam splines.  Not so good for a roof diaphragm in the Tetons.  Also, this new configuration does not have ICC approval, but they’re shipping it anyway.  When I asked for lumber splines they immediately complied.




Gordon Goodell



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You may want to research using structural insulated panels (SIP) if you want a thick, high R value, structural wall system. They come in lengths of up to 24ft with some decent lateral load (PSF) ratings depending on the span and wall thickness.


Scott Maxwell (on this list) knows a whole lot more than I do about these, but I have been the engineer on a couple projects where we used them for walls, roofs and floors. They are quiet, stiff, and they have a high R value.


FYI they are basically panels made of high density, high strength foam, with a layer of sheathing on each side.


Drawbacks are openings and uplift connections, and these require careful planning by the arch and SE during the CD stage. Do not wait until these are out in the field to have all that figured out. On the plus side of that, the SIP mfrs produce excellent shop dwgs in 3D and you have a second chance to review the intricacies of your design. It is a bit of a new system so plan for the learning curve in your fee.


FWIW I have no affiliation with any SIP mfrs…


Andrew Kester, PE

ADK Structural Engineering

Orlando, FL


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