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Re: Bad Codes

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As I understand it, there was a miscommunication on what system of units were to be used (SI or imperial) for calculating at least one portion of the braking maneuver for the atmospheric braking/entry. The mistake was on the order of thousands of dollars, the loss was of the entire ($1B+) mission. Given the cost of codes and the cost of building, I'd say it's a rather appropriate comparison - especially since the ICC codes are trying to be written in both units at once.

An old NASA supervisor I once had told me as a new engineer that if I did my job perfectly, I might get a mention on the last page of the science section of the newspaper; If I screwed up, I'd make the front page.


Dave Adams wrote:
To add a little perspective ... didn't NASA scientists make a billion dollar mistake for a Mars project by neglecting to convert units (or is that story apocryphal)?

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