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Re: varying shear flow in concrete beam.

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It likely does, since your force will vary along the length. Using VQ/It at different stations along the length should give you the answer you need. If your only lateral force is hydrostatic, it will vary linearly up to the maximum at the base - presuming your additional section is uniform.

Michael Laplante wrote:
I have a situation were an existing vertical concrete beam (not a column but a pier with hydrostatic forces) that needs reinforcing. The thought is to scab on a reinforced section the will have  tension reinforcement for flexture and shear reinforcement that will be tied back into the compression zone of the existing pier.  My question.... does the shear flow at the interface between the two sections ( old and new) vary along the height?  All the references that I have consulted gave examples for  simply supported steel beams that are  welded or bolted. These fasteners were designed  based on the support reactions and  distrubuted evenly along the interface. 
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