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Re: Support for veneer over openings

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Do you recall where the "kick" is in the IBC to ACI? If you don't know off hand don't look.  I'm on the patio having a cocktail being lazy. Actually, it was a pretty busy day. I can look further tomorrow. It seems I went through this several years ago. A real "round about" way of getting to the answer. 

Thank you for the reply

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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 15:47:04 
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Subject: RE: Support for veneer over openings

I believe you need non-combustible lintels over openings regardless of
seismic design category per R703.7.3.  R703.7.2 would allow a veneer covering
to be supported on a wood foundation wall or platform floor.  

The IRC makes veneer hard in SDC D for two story residences. The problem in
seismic design category D is on a two story house with an attached one story
garage is where they want to have veneer on the second floor wall over a
garage roof.   Also problematic is a covered porch where they want to have
veneer over a porch roof.  The way I have read the IRC is you need
noncombustible support in seismic design category D period.

IBC kicks you into ACI 530 Chapter 6 which has more restrictions on
supporting veneer on wood.  

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From: Joseph R. Grill [mailto:jrgrill(--nospam--at)] 
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2008 3:21 PM
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Subject: Support for veneer over openings

2006 IRC R703.7.3 seems to tell me that veneer over openings require
non-combustible support.  R703.7.2 appears to allow support by wood if the
weight of the wall is within the restriction and restricts the deflection to
L/600.  It doesn't specifically mention over openings.  There is also an
exception "Except in Seismic Design Categories....".  I don't see anything
that explains what is required in the higher SDC's.  I'm assuming that in SDC
D and above a non-combustible supporting lintel is required and if the
deflection is less than L/600 all will be good with the plan reviewers.


First question:  is my assumption above correct?

Second question:  Are these restrictions listed in the IBC?  I can't find

Third Question: I have some openings in a wall (although the rock veneer
weighs more than 40psf) that are only a few feet wide (2 to 4 ft) and will
only support 2 to 3 ft of veneer height above the lintel.  Timber would be
more than adequate for strength and deflection (Timber Beam with angles
lagged to them).  Are there any exceptions that will allow this?  Would it be
o.k. if the angles are not lagged to the timber beam?  I have some longer
spans that will probably require a steel section with angles welded to the
side, but I would prefer to not have to use a steel beam, angles, and
columns, if I don't have to.



Joe Grill



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