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RE: When wind governs with No Seismic

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For steel structures, AISC 341-05 (seismic provisions) states that design in SDC A (“low-seismic”) only needs to comply with the requirements of AISC 360-05, which includes all wind-governed regions.  General stability is also to be confirmed and checked according to Chapter C (I think that’s the right one) of the Specification (360-05) regardless of whether wind or seismic governs.  Simply consider lateral force resisting elements as “bending members”, “compression members”, connections, etc. and follow the slenderness descriptions/requirements within that Specification.



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IBC Section 1604.10, detailing requirements for the LFRS is per ASCE 7, regardless of wind or seismic forces governing.

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I am working on a big project where lateral (hurricane level) wind loads are more than 0.1W.  The structure has many irregularities such as non-parallel systems, discontinuous lateral systems, more than 40% area openings in floor diaphragms, curved and barrel roofs, etc.
The project is in Bahamas where local codes follow the Florida IBC and do NOT require/consider seismic loads.

What are the basis for design of lateral load elements such disphragms, collectors, discontinuous columns, OMF and OCBF connections???  The UBC-IBC methodology is to provide the minimum seismic requirements even though wind loads govern over seismic.  How do you interprate this when there is NO seismic ???


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