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RE: Subject When wind governs with No Seismic

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If the Bahamas lets you use FBC requirements, you can access all of the FBC online. But I will save you time and tell you to use ASCE to determine all of your wind loads, as what you describe will not meet the simplified wind load procedure where you can use the tables in the FBC.
Then it is just ACI, AISC, NDS, etc.... Nothing special, the structure doesn't know what jurisdiction you are in. Maybe I am not understanding your question correctly because I know very little about seismic design other than the gripes I read on this list. You do not have to worry about any special seismic provisions, special inspection requirements, etc. and you are not limited to pre-qualified frames and such.  Although in the Carribean (not the Bahamas specifically) I think they avoid steel due to the costs of importing and lack of good fabricators. Lots of CIP concrete and CMU, but I am sure your architect will guide you on that....
Your hands are untied so run free with the wind my friend! OK, I may have oversimplified it, but you get my point. I reserve the right to stand to be corrected also, as always..... :)
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