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re: EOR observations

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In Florida they want us on the site as LITTLE as possible :)
Definitely not required, up to you and the client and your contract. Sounds like a good idea, but imagine I do work all over this big state as many likely do in Texas and CA and elsewhere. If you do small and medium sized projects like we do, required SV would immediately kill some jobs for us. Probably more of an issue with small jobs anyway since anything commerical over a certain size usually they don't mind paying for a little CA.
NOW, there are THRESHOLD projects, and those require threshold inspectors to inspect very specific aspects of construction. And the requirements to become a threshold inspector are pretty strict too, off the top of my head I think you have to be a PE first, then do 3 years of threshold inspections. This applies to certain SF, stories, and types of construction like schools. Maybe occupancy too but I have not looked that up in a while. But it is almost never the EOR due to the requirements, and usually engineers specialize in threshold inspections. Also your E and O would affect what type of work you do in that regard....
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