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Re: Finite Element Analysis

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Dear All,
Can you briefly explan what exactly the problem. How the loads are acting or the just send me an image of the Geo Model if you have.

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Subject: Re: Finite Element Analysis

- it is hard  to model a finite element-plate and the members connection on it .
- if you have( Sap 2000 V9 - Or V10)
- go to library (Template- new model)
-  (pipes and plates)
- select from the list (connection) then give the apply forces.
                        dr-y.hamida. phd
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Subject: Finite Element Analysis

Dear List,

My current project is a very very complicated shape and geometry structure, made of steel. We as consultant with connection design requires a very design justification on every connection detail that we're providing, hand calculation for connection is quite time consuming since I'm analyzing a plate which two or more members are connected at this plate. 

Can you give me an idea or reference on how to model a finite element-plate and the member connection on it-and a good reference of step by step procedure on modeling it-how to input load and support on the model. 

I tried to model a one case connection using sap2000, but I'm not sure wether it is correct or not, knowing I just starting to have knowledge in finite element analysis using sap2000.

Thank you in advance.

David Francis C. Caballero

Structural Engineer

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Manila, Philippines

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