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RE: Jurisdictions That REQUIRE Engineer's Observations

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Note that the provisions for "when so designated by the registered design professional" and "as required by the building official" are under a general section applying to Seismic Design Categories D, E, or F.  I do not see a similar provision for Seismic Design Categories A, B, & C.
I do agree that it is "desirable" for the EOR to perform observations on any project.  But it may not be legally required outside of the requirements of IBC Section 1709, and it may not be easy getting paid to do it if those holding the purse strings don't want the added expense.
Bill Sherman

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Subject: RE: Jurisdictions That REQUIRE Engineer's Observations

Section 1709 of the IBC specifies when observation is required, with the provision for "as required by the building official".  In seismic country this has been common practice for some time, and yes it is a legal requirement that is required to be specified on the drawings by code.
On a personal note, I believe strongly in observation by the EOR for any project.  Our office policy has always been to "walk the deck" for the first few levels of multi-story work to ensure we are all on the same page and in agreement with what is being built.  I do not believe that special inspection as it exists today is sufficient.  The engineer needs to be out seeing their work in progress, and it makes for better engineers.  We routinely take junior engineers with a senior engineer to expose them to the process and the actual construction we are trying to achieve, especially if the project is anywhere close to local.  Just my 2 cents worth.
Paul Feather PE, SE

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Subject: Re: Jurisdictions That REQUIRE Engineer's Observations

But is that a legal requirement or not?

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We have been doing Structural Observation for about 7 yrs. in So. CA.

Stan Scholl,, P.E.

Civil Engineer

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