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RE: ACI 318-08 Section 14.8 Alternate Design of Slender Walls

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I don’t have a copy of the ACI 318-08. But many cities in southern and northern California adopted an amendment regarding this issue in their muni codes, which I believe is what got incorporated to the ACI code. The proposed change is amendment #4 starting at the top of page 3:




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Subject: ACI 318-08 Section 14.8 Alternate Design of Slender Walls


SEA Listers -


I sat in on a webinar on Tuesday morning and I was informed that the calculation of the P-delta and secondary moment in Section 14.8.4 of ACI 318-05 is unconcervative and that the brand-spankin' new ACI 318-08 has corrected this.  Is there anyone out in the SEA Listserve universe that would be kind enough to send me a PDF file of section 14.8 of the ACI 318-08?  I can't bring myself to purchase this edition just yet; I'd rather wait until IBC 2010 becomes the law of the land.


Second, why doesn't ACI issue a supplement to ACI 318-05 to correct this?  ASCE issued a supplement for ASCE 7-05 that made some modifications.  It seems that if this method is as unconservative as we were led to believe in the webinar then this should be taken care of immediately.




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