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Re: Residential garage floor live load

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Why would you want the gas going to the vehicle door? Pls forgive this feeble attempt at humour.

Jim Getaz wrote:


Steve has a good point. In addition to the floor live load (40 psf + 3k point as has been noted), IBC 1607.7 also says a 6k (service) horizontal load in any direction assumed to act 1’-6” above the driving surface and to act on an area of 1 sq. ft. 406.2.4 gives a little more information on where this is required. And while it does not apply to a residence, and it may not be the structural engineer’s responsibility, there is a separation of use requirement in 509.7.

If it were my house, I’d want some assurance that a gas spill did not get beyond the garage floor – i.e., a monolithic curb on three sides and slope to the vehicle door.

Jim Getaz

Winchester, Virginia

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