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Re: Green Roof Live Loads

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With all due respect, it sounds like there's a little bit of rationalizing going on here.

(Rationalizing being "engineering judgment" that I don't fully agree with.  :)


In a message dated 11/4/08 1:51:25 PM, wwerner(--nospam--at) writes:
 I am designing an office building with a green roof. The roof is to be open to employees who want to use it for a picnic area. Can I consider it a deck and use the same live load as the occupancy served (50 psf), or do I have to use the provisions for roof gardens which is 100 psf? The 100 psf seems extreme to me since if all of the companies employees were on the roof, the total load would only be about  27 psf. (400 people x 200 lbs (conservative)/3000 sq ft). The current picnic area is hardly ever used, and the only access to the area will be stairs.
Wesley C. Werner

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