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Re: Twisting of rebar

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I would be curious to know as well. I see this condition on a lot of commercial jobs (not mine, of course) and it seems to be almost "standard practice" in the industry.

It is worth noting that the bending of rebar does just about the same thing to the steel - it increases the yield in a portion of the steel through cold work. Presuming that it does not extend beyond the yield plateau, one might presume that the condition is  acceptable. To try and calculate the allowable twist from standard linear stress-strain relationship is incorrect due to the elastic-plastic nature of steel.

That's not to say it should get blanket approval, but it may not be a dire a situation as it seems on paper.

Harold Sprague wrote:
It is a point to ponder, but I doubt that twisting rebar has ever been definitively studied.  All we can do is look for cracking that would indicate that we have gone too far.  The cracking would be evidence of the rebar being non-usable although there would still be a lot of tensile capacity.  I wish I could define "a lot".  I know that "a lot" is more than some. 
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I can see how a long enough rebar can be twisted 360 degrees.  The thing is - will is stay that way, or can the needed plastic (permanent) torsional deformation to 90 degrees be achieved without rendering the rebar non-usable?
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