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RE: Sg rods at purlins

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>From what you have described those angles seem to be providing lateral support for the purlin's week axis. Depending on the purlin, the angle between its main axis and Y-axis and the slope of the roof a tension-only member (rod) or a tension-compression member would be used for this purpose. If the roof plate and its connection to purlins can provide a sufficient support then these will not be required. This applies to all purlins not only the new ones.
Reza Dashti P.Eng
Vancover, BC

> Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 15:01:20 -0900
> From: dmorris(--nospam--at)
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Sg rods at purlins
> I have a question on sag rods. The project that I am working on is a
> pre-manufactured building (unknown manufacturer) with a roof slope of
> 1:12. The 8" deep roof zee purlins span 24 feet and there is an
> L3/4x3/4x 12 gage angle at the midspan that intersects the purlins about
> 5" down from the top. Based on the photos, the angles are not
> continuous from purlin to purlin and seem to be offset vertically, i.e.
> come in different heights on either side of the purlins. We are
> upgrading the roof system for higher snow and seismic loads and need to
> infill with new matching purlins to get the spacing down. Do you have
> any idea whether these angles are sag rods? Since the roof panels are
> already inplace, our thinking was that the sag rods could be cut away
> since the new infill purlins could be installed and screwed to the roof
> panels.
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