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Glazing Blast Loads

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For blast loads on glazing per UFC 4-010-01, what is the load that the connections and glass frames have to take?

In this Structure Mag article it says:

"Framing members and connections are designed for a service load equal to two times the resistance of the glazing"

1. There is a huge difference in designing for 2 times the resistance of the glazing as compared to what ASTM F2248 says:

 "This practice assumes the framing system supporting the blast resistant glazing shall attach mechanically to the structural framing system with fasteners that will resist forces generated by a uniform load acting on the blast resistant glazing that has a magnitude AT LEAST 2 TIMES THE MAGNITUDE OF THE 3-SECOND EQUIVALENT DESIGN LOAD AS DETERMINED HEREIN." ("HEREIN" lies loads that are based on standoff distances and amount of explosive, not on the resistance of the glazing system)

2. Also, the UFC says on page B-15:

"The actual design load is dictated by the glass type and thickness determined by ASTM E1300" ( I take this to mean the connections should equal at least 1.0 times the glazing resistance?)


"The connection design load will be determined in accordance with ASTM F 2248 based on the applicable explosive weight at the actual standoff distance at
which the window is sited, but not greater than the conventional construction standoff distance."

3. ASTM E1300 has nothing about connection design that I can find.

So where is 2 times the resistance coming from?

W. Haynes