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Re: Underground tank

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You may be referring to a booklet "Rectangular Concrete Tanks" published by the Portland Cement Association. As far as I know it is still available.

ken ng wrote:

Iʼm about to design 20 ft retaining walls. The wall has a couple of 90 degree turns and is shaped almost like an underground tank. Ten years ago I also designed an underground tank. My boss let me borrow a thin civil book about 50 pages. There are many tables layout that have coefficient number that you can use to obtain the reinforcing steel for tank underground tank. For example if you have 3 sides supported, then you will have table for that condition. You can find the amount reinforcing steel at the top and bottom wall center or wall corners.

I would like to use this method to design the retaining walls, but I donʼt know what civil book or catalog has tables. Does anyone know where I can get this book or catalog?

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