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Tall CMU Core Divider Wall

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I have an 8" cmu elevator divider wall full height on the building. It is 85 feet tall (continuous) separating the 2 main cmu elevator shaft cores. It is about 8 feet in length and it ties into the cmu shaft walls at each end, and these end walls are tied into the concrete diaphragm.
Obviously, this wall does not have any horizontal diaphragm member coming in for support. I have it tied into the perpendicular cmu walls at each end with bond beams at 4'-0". There is the self weight on this wall and a 10 kip point load on the top from the elevator motor. SDC=C.
Does tieing it in this way only sound reasonable? The h/t for this wall is ridiculous. But, I can kind of see it just behaving as a series of bond beams (spaced 4'-0" vertically) spanning the 8 feet to the end walls, thereby carrying its own weight as a series of beams.
It just looks crazy in the architectural section shown as 85 feet freestanding. But this must be a common situation for a cmu or concrete divider wall in a high rise elevator shaft.