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Re: Use old 2D autocad typical details when putting plans together in Revit?

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Yes that's exactly right. You can use your regular details from autocad, but the framing plans are in Revit.

You can also cut sections in Revit to get basic geometry of a detail you'd like to make, then export to autocad and finish off.

If you are familiar with Etabs or Risa, Revit is very similar to building models in those programs.

I took a 3 day course in Revit training that was very helpful, but you can do pretty good yourself if you get the Autodesk Essentials training book for Structure 2009. It is a book with a step by step tutorial with a companion CD.

It would be better if they had videos for free like the Etabs guys have on their website, but then the training schools would be out of business.

Bottom line, it's easier than you think, but making the plans look nice takes a little more getting used to.


On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 5:26 PM, Haan, Scott M POA <Scott.M.Haan(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I've never used a BIM model for putting together plans.  I am getting thrown
into a project using Revit where the 65% plans are due to soon, without
training of course.

I haven't talked with anyone directly about their detail sheets when they use
BIM models for their plans.  It seems like you don't want to draw all your
connections, slab on grade details etc... in 3D model space and put your text
for them in paper space.  It kind of defeats the purpose of typical details.

Do people use their old  2D Autocad typical connection details and just use
the BIM model for the framing and foundation plans?


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