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RE: Corrosion Protection for long-term non-cast rebars

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Hi David,
I would appreciate if you could tell me how to get off this blog site. I do not want to receive any more email from this system.

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Exposed rebar is not the only issue. I think you're going to have a concrete cover issue as well. The rebars embedded in concrete will rust just below the surface and possibly spall the concrete. You might consider using epoxy-coated dowels at the construction joint. The development length is longer for epoxy-coated dowels.

Normally you would have a keyed construction joint between successive structural pours. This may create pockets on the top of a wall or slab that would hold water. You may wish to detail the joint differently to provide drainage.

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Subject: Corrosion Protection for long-term non-cast rebars


We are constructing a metro station outer structure and due to work schedule some part of main rebars (above slab level) need to stay open (non-cast) for about 4-5 months in winter season.

In order to prevent the rebars which will stay in open air for long time until cast, I am looking for an economical product where I can spray (or paint) the rebars which will prevent rebars from corrosion and also will not affect bonding when concrete is cast several months later. I know that there are some rebars which are pre-coated before installation but in my case I need post-coating or something after partially cast.

I will appreciate if anyone can advise me such product (coating or paint, or grout, etc) where I can find some application references and bonding strength will not be affected.

Thanks in advance,


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