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Anchor Bolt Embedments

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2006 IBC 1908.1.16 modifies ACI 318 D.3.3.2 through D.3.3.5.  For D.3.3.4 the IBC states anchors shall be designed to be governed by tensile OR shear strength of a ductile steel element unless D.3.3.5 is satisfied.  D.3.3.5 would allow a 2.5 times the factored force be used.


My question is this: If an anchor bolt is designed so that the tensile embedment is ductile (using additional reinforcing for instance) then because of the “or” the shear strength doesn’t need to be designed to ductile, correct?


I have some bases at steel frames that have to be rigidly attached at the concrete piers.  I will be able to provide additional reinforcing to provide ductility for tension, but if I have to do additional reinforcing for ductility in shear also, the additional reinforcing for shear is a lot of reinforcing.  If I only have to reinforce the shear for factored shear load, or for 2.5 times the factored shear load things are much more reasonable since the factored shear loads are not that large.  I could even bump that up by “R” and be pretty reasonable for additional shear reinforcing.  I believe I understand this provision in the IBC, do I?


In addition, I do not yet have a copy of the new ACI appendix D which I would hope would have an example similar to what I am doing, to check against.  From what I understand the new ACI Appendix talks of additional reinforcing in the concrete for ductility.  I Can’t afford the “ACI Notes” at this time.  If there is an example for this in the “Notes” can somebody scan particular example and email to me.  It would be appreciated.



Joe Grill