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Re: public works projects

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There is a lot of talk up here about infrastructure funding. The problem is that many of these projects take a few years to go from concept to actual bidding. So the ones that are going to get funded immediately are the ones that have been on the schedule already but have been held up for lack of funds, environmental approval, planning concerns, etc, The companies that will mainly benefit are the ones with a proven track record. Some smaller scale projects may get an immediate go-ahead such as playgrounds, parks, school maintenance, hospital maintenance, Let's hope there is some way to fast-track some of the projects such as highways, hospitals and bridges.

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There are dozens of companies which have been in PW for many years. Some specialize in sanitary projects (sewers, treatment plants, storm drains). Some specialize in bridges and highways. Architects get into the field with public buildings. Some projects are design-build and a few are designed by agency staff engineers.

Stan Scholl, P.E.

Public Words Director of 6 cities in So. CA over a 35 yrs. period.

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