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RE: RE: Prestressing documents related to Cable Stayed Bridge Project

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Not really my area. Just aware that the VSL literature, seems to be fairly
comprehensive: slinging cables and tensioning them is a specialist area of
activity and VSL is a specialist in that area.

>From the little I know you need clauses requiring measurement of extension
and not relying on load cells. Especially important for prestress cables
hidden from sight in ducts in the deck, which may get caught up. The cables
used for the stays no doubt have other issues.

Either case it is a specialist area: some of the technologies and tooling
are proprietary: and therefore capability is restricted to certain
suppliers. So really need to check availability of suitable suppliers and
work with them.

Beyond that check catalogue of national standards (SAA, BSI, ANSI etc...),
and clauses in national specification (NATSPEC) system if available, along
with publications from specialist industry associations.

Design without proper consideration of manufacturing and construction
capability is "over-the-wall-design", and can lead to a great many problems
and delays down the track. So as I say it is preferable to work with
potential suppliers, find common capability, before imposing anything which
limits to a single supplier. Which may mean redesign of the bridge to match
the common available capability.

Not wishing to be disrespectful but the request for such specification
documents tends to suggest the chief engineer on the project lacks the
required expertise. The public employ's engineers on the basis the engineer
knows what needs to go in the specification.

To get someone with the appropriate expertise on the list to assist: really
need to make a request slightly differently than:  "please let us have".

Try being more specific about the issues you are trying to control and the
concerns which you have. Doing so demonstrates your understanding of the
problems, and gives list members confidence they are not about to assist you
to get one step closer into trouble. Plus it gives everyone else the
opportunity to learn, and the discussion will be there for future reference.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia

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