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foundation and slab for houses affected by fire

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                        A few years back, I inspected the remains of a second level slab. Grade up to this level was concrete and block, and contained the owner’s race car shop, where they welded and had flammable fluids. The second level above this slab was all wood and stored his car and truck collection. The fire had burnt the leaves off a tree quite ways away, and there was nothing flammable left of the vehicles, just steel. The only sign I saw of fire damage was a small spalled area of the block of the chimney that went through the second floor, and that was very shallow. There was no pink concrete or block.

                        He rebuilt, and it is doing just fine.

                        The fire started when the owner saw a hornet’s nest against the concrete to wood joint and under a concrete slab bridge to the second floor. He torched it to remove them. He was sick at heart.