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Re: Square notch on wf beams

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You have to look at where the notch is. Is it in a flange or web? Is near the end of a simply supported beam or in a place of high stress, in an area of tension or compression, etc? If a place of low stress, you may be able to round out the cut and grind it- the Canadian code requires a min radius of 14mm or 9/16" on copes. If a place of high stress, you may need to cut it out with rounded corners and weld in a new piece using a full penetration weld. If it is in tension, then X-ray or Ultra-sonic test the weld.
Hope this helps.

Marlou Rodriguez wrote:

I have a situation where a contractor has notched a W10x49 beam. The inspector on the job informed me that a notch was made. The notch was a square notch with a sharp re-entrant corner. This does not meet section 5.17.1 of AWS D1.1/D1.1M 2004 where it states that “…all beam copes and weld access holes shall be shaped free of notches or sharp reentrant corners …” The contractor informed me that the notch was made for installation purposes.

Is there a procedure of fixing the re-entrant corner?

Can I weld a plate over the notch?

Can I provide a weld at the reentrant corner to reduce the built up stresses?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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